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What you should know about New york state traveler health form

  1. Required for travel to New York State
  2. Helps in monitoring and controlling COVID-19 transmission
  3. One form per person/family

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How to prepare New york state traveler health form

Open the document
By clicking Get Form, you will enter to an editable Welcome To New York State Traveler Health Form template. You can fill in and submit it on the internet. The editor is available from personal computer and mobile devices.
Fill out and sign
Take advantage of an all-in-one papers editor plus a built in eSignature tool to fill in and verify your template. You may write, draw or add an image of the signature.
Save and send out
After the form is done, just click DONE to save edits and send the file. Make sure the blank is finished and mistake-free before sending it digitally.

About Welcome To New York State Traveler Health Form

The Welcome to New York State Traveler Health Form is a mandatory online form that individuals are required to complete when traveling to New York State from other states or territories with significant rates of COVID-19 transmission. The form collects information about the traveler's recent travel history, contact details, and their plans while in New York State. Any individual who is visiting New York State from a designated state, which is determined based on the rate of positive COVID-19 cases, needs to fill out this form. The designated states are regularly updated by the New York State Department of Health. It is applicable for both residents and non-residents traveling by air, train, bus, car, or any other means of transportation. The information collected through this form is crucial in contact tracing efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19. It ensures that travelers arriving from high-risk areas are informed about their obligations regarding quarantine, testing, and monitoring during their stay in New York State. By filling out this form, individuals can help in preventing the further transmission of the virus and ensuring the health and safety of both visitors and residents alike.

How to complete a New york state traveler health form

  1. 1. Access the form online at the provided link.
  2. 2. Read the form description and instructions carefully.
  3. 3. Fill out the required fields for each person or family member traveling.
  4. 4. Provide accurate information for each section, including contact details and travel history.
  5. 5. Review the completed form for any errors or missing information.
  6. 6. Submit the form online and await confirmation of receipt.
  7. 7. Keep a copy of the submitted form for your records.

People also ask about New york state traveler health form

Is the form mandatory for all travelers?
Yes, one form per person/family is required.
What is the purpose of the form?
To respond to increased rates of COVID-19 transmission in certain states within the United States.
Can the form be completed online?
Yes, it can be filled out electronically for convenience.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing New york state traveler health form

Instructions and Help about New york state traveler health form

Patrolling how are you all doing? I don't think there are many of you who have traveled abroad during this pandemic, but I've created this video to share my experience just in case someone is wondering what they need for the flight back to America like what if I can't pass immigration or what if they don't allow me to board the flight here's the answer according to my recent experience in the end of February 2021 I prepared three things for my flight back to the US which is one proof of negative results for PCR tests, two CDC's passenger disclosure forms, and three the stage traveler form. I'm Timur Russo, and today I would like to explain about these three things. So for PCR, we need to have a proof of negative result within 72 hours of departure that means you don't have a lot of time to prepare, but my question was what do you mean by 72 hours does it mean that I have to have a result within 72 hours of departure or does it mean the actual test needs to be conducted within 72 hours of the flight? I couldn't find the answer at that moment but after seeing how the test results was written, I understood that I needed to have had the test conducted within 72 hours of departure so say if I went to the clinic four days before the flight and received the proof 24 hours before the departure that would not have been conducted as negative result within 72 hours of departure because the test hadn't been conducted way more than 72 hours ago. Well it may not be so, but I would keep it this way again. The test itself needs to be conducted within 72 hours of...